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What to Expect During Fire Damage Repair Construction on your Property

Here are the easy laid out steps of what we do to assess the damage of your property.

Assessment of the Damage

First, the damage will be assessed by a general contractor. Once contacted they will schedule an appointment to meet you at your property and fully assess the damage. This could be done before, during, or after the clean up process. It may take a few visits to see to it that the damage on the property is cleared, cleaned up, and made safe.

Isolate Unsafe Areas

Unsafe areas with a large amount of fire damage will need to be isolated. Considering water is used to put out the fire, your property will have water damage in addition to fire damage.

These areas should not be occupied and should be blocked off to prevent any injury and avoid further damage to the property.

Water Removal

Next is to ensure that all of the water is removed and cleaned up quickly and the area is allowed to fully dry. Stagnant water can worsen the damage that the fire has already caused to the home. Water left can cause damage to the foundation of the home and can cause mold to grow on your property.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Home Repaired From Fire Damage

Next is to handle any smoke or soot that was left behind in the property. Smoke damage by itself can cause a large portion of the damage as the odor may never come out of carpets, walls, drapes, etc.

Professionals can be used who are highly trained in soot and smoke removal if called upon soon enough after the fire. We partner up with a few of these companies that are trusted and do a very professional job.

Sanitization and Property Cleanup

One of the most important steps is the cleanup and sanitization process to the property. After a very thorough cleaning takes place, it becomes more evident what exactly will need to be replaced, repaired, or salvaged. This allows the estimator to give you a correct estimate for your fire damage repair.


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