Q: If you have just experienced wind damage to your property, what is the first thing you should do?


A: Get a qualified technician out as soon as possible to look over the damage and ensure no further injury is inflicted on your home or your person.


When the wind smashes a tree or branch into your roof, or blows a patio cover away, it can be a little upsetting. But when the wind stops, that doesn't necessarily mean it is done doing its damage. Shingles that have come loose, weakened trees, and even flying patio covers all pose a serious threat, sometimes hidden, to your home and your family.


When the wind stops, that doesn't necessarily mean it is done doing its damage.

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Sterling General Construction provides ongoing 24/7 Emergency Services to ensure you can reach a qualified repair technician to come to your home immediately, to make it safe and secure right away— as well as to get the needed repairs started as rapidly as possible.


Sterling General Construction is unusually qualified to do all of the repair work, from beginning to end, so that you can get on with your life with minimal distractions.


We are an independent contractor that works for you, the property owner.  We do not work for the insurance company, yet we fully understand their claims processes.  This means we can easily prepare the paperwork and documents that get your insurance carrier into action to get your home repaired fully—and as quickly as possible.


We're here to help you get your life back together. 


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