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Q: What's the first thing I should do after water has entered my home?


A: What most homeowners don't know is the fact that it only takes two days for mold to grow. Your home must be dried immediately when moisture is found in order to prevent further damage.  A phone call to us right after the damage will also ensure your insurance coverage is not violated.


As bad as fire damage is, water damage can be much worse. Mold or rot can be hidden for some time before it is discovered. 


If you currently have water entering your home, we need to stop the leak now to prevent further damage. DON'T WAIT... CALL US NOW: 408-871-1372


Sterling GC employs a highly trained staff that is certified by the IICRC as “Water Removal” and “Applied Microbial” technicians. We stand ready to take immediate action.  We have all the equipment needed to professionally dry out and repair your home quickly.


Once all damage has been discovered, our staff will create a scope and estimate of repairs that will move you swiftly through the claims process.


We're here to help you get your life back together. 


Call us anytime day or night: 408-871-1372

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