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Can Wind Cause Damage to your Home?

Windy season is a reality everywhere in the world. Many places in California have a lot of hills and tree’s on and around their property. Tree’s can fall and cause damage to your roof, home and vehicles. Sometimes in a lightning storm, fires are started in the hills. It is very important that you safeguard all you can around your home to prevent as much damage as you can and be safe.

Call your insurance company and find out how much coverage you have for fire and wind damage. Their policies change regularly due to the recent destruction these last few years. We don’t always have time to read the fine print or provisions that come to us in the mail. You want to be covered for fire, wind, and water.

Another very vital thing to be covered for with your insurance is “code upgrades”. If something happens to your home and it was built a long time ago it is for certain that it will not meet the current building codes. Years ago, the building codes were quite slim. They have become much more rigid in recent years.

Hope this helps. Be safe!

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